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Just like many of us, bunnies have a sweet tooth and love to have special treats. Our healthy and natural forage is a perfect option for a snack or something to sprinkle on top of their hay!

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Toys and enrichement play a big part in a bunnies overall happiness. Our natural toys are the perfect bordeam buster for a bunny that needs something to nibble on or toss around.

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Nibble, Toss, & Chew

My 4 bunnies just loved these! They were looking around for more after they were gone. Will purchase again!


My bunnies are usually really picky with their chews and they have both devoured these sticks! They absolutely love them. And the price is great. Will definitely repurchase. They are so worth it!


A great forage mix with significant sized leaves that make for a wonderful crunchy experience for the buns. Lots of dried apple pieces too!